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THOUGHT FOR TODAY: God Created You to Soar and Shine

 “Oh God, I’m so useless.”

“There’s nothing in me I can be proud of.”

 “I don’t get picked because I’m not good enough.”

“Everyone can do it, but I can’t.”

Do these self-defeating thoughts cross your mind? Do you question your purpose and wonder if there’s any talent in you that can inspire people?

Think this through, dear one. There’s nothing imperfect in God’s creation. There’s nothing ugly, nothing wasted, nothing shoddy in what God makes.

His masterful hands built you up with the choicest gifts—those talents He knew you’ll, one day, have a passion for, in order to impact the world for good.

God created you to shine.

God created you to shine - Mixed Media Ballerina Painting by Ginger Umali

Mixed Media Painting  by Ginger Umali

Inside of you is light. You can drive away shadows of brokenness in the people you meet. Tapped or untapped, that power is in you.

God made you unique. There’s a task only you can do. Yes … only you. No one else. There’s a place in time which remains a void until you stand in the gap to fill it. That’s how incredible you are!

You have brightness that floods dark places.

You have love that can impact at least one person.

You have ideas that illuminate. Words that uplift. Kindness that consoles. Generosity that feeds a hungry mouth. Wisdom that solves someone’s dilemma. Self-control that switches the decision of the tempted.

You have a smile that settles disputes. Music that calms the spirit. And hands that invent beauty.

God diagrammed all of these features into your blueprint.

So, dear soul, shake off the timidity. Quit the negative self-talk. Make God proud by bringing out your shine.

Step out of the rut you’re in and soar once again. Draw a spotlight on your countless blessings. And recognize that

God didn’t make a mistake in creating you as you.

Charm the world then. And let them witness all the beauty He already breathed in you.

Sometimes, it’s tough to find something that can pull you out of your bottomless sinkhole. The world is a lonely place. It gravitates towards all levels of harshness. So, when you think you’ve had enough of the pressure and pain, come away to a quiet place. I invite you to watch this video. And I hope, God’s promises, as written in my prayer journal, can switch on the light of hope for you.

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Ginger Umali

Ginger Umali is an author, artist, homeschool teacher, and YouTube channel creator. Her YouTube space—Art That Plays and Prays—intersects faith with mixed media art instruction. When not painting for clients, she crafts Christian devotionals and stories for children. Ginger is a grammar police and a fan of ellipses and em dashes. She's an inventor of words and expressions which none of her kids understand and which will never win the approval of Dr. Seuss. Ginger Umali writes from her home in British Columbia, Canada.