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Hello, I’m Ginger Umali. And this space is my playground … my humble piece of real estate in this vast cyberworld of ideas and identities.

It is an open chalkboard for fingers to doodle when words are inadequate to express.

It is a safe ground from which to draw inspiration when your own canvas is blank.

It is a place to play, to be whimsical, and to be free to relax.

When all your work is done, and your muscles are tired from the play, come and sit by me. This, as well, is a place to be still … where we can be silent together before the Lord who says, “Come.”

There’s unabashed faith in this site, and I make no apologies for them. I love God and it is my prayer that you come to know and love Him too, so that we can strive to be holy … together.

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Content Creator with a Missionary Focus


No one starts a story with a The End. Yet, for many of us, life feels exactly like that. Obstacles spin at a persistent cycle, you find yourself at the end of your wits.

If there’s a person who understands futility better than anyone, it must be Peter. Jesus’ disciple knew how exhausting it was to toil overnight and haul nothing in the nets.

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This place is rich in ideas. Whether your next project is a watercolor painting on cold-pressed paper, a mixed media collage on canvas, or plain doodles in a bullet journal, there are tons of inspiration in this site to kick-start your creative adventure. The mixed bag of posts suit beginners and experts alike.

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Do you want to experiment with a new medium but aren’t sure which brand works best? Check out Ginger Umali 's blog for product reviews. This site is a place to learn. And for screen-generation peeps whose definition of “visual” doesn’t include reading posts, there are video tutorials too!

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We know art is therapeutic. There’s something about color that relieves tension headaches. While you’re calming down, why not ease your heart with daily devotionals as well. This is a place to nourish the soul, to be still and wait in silence until God speaks. Ginger Umali invites you … come and see!

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GOD IS IN THE KITCHEN: WHAT’S HE COOKING UP FOR ME? by Ginger Estavillo Umali is an excellent collection of thoughtful slice-of-life essays that can serve as both casual reading and as a devotional book.

Since it’s written from the true perspective of a young mother and the kitchen is often called the heart of the home, this book is relatable to a large audience.

Even those who are not in this particular stage of life can benefit from the author’s honesty, girded by many Bible verses and strong Bible teaching.

This book is an excellent guide for those looking for a warm, compassionate book that honors God.

The cover is pleasant and appropriate. The colors are lovely. The back cover copy describes the book well and will attract the author’s audience.

Though Ginger Umali’s photo would have been nice here, the reader appreciates the detailed author bio and lovely photo inside the book.

The essays are well organized. The titles are intriguing, for example, “When a Bandage Is Not Enough” and “Roaches in the Ark.”

By the way, the entry on roaches, advising us through the author’s true-life example that we must control ourselves and love the unlovable, is among this reviewer’s favorite.

All in all, a wonderful collection.


Judge’s Commentary
28th Annual Writer’s Digest
Self-Published Book Awards